Dual Golf Club Brushes

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  • The Golf Dual Club Brushes feature 2 club brushes, one with nylon bristles and one with brass bristles
  • The Golf Club Brush with brass bristles can be used to clean your golf shoe spikes or tough to clean spots on your clubs
  • The Golf Club Brush with nylon bristles can safely be used to clean any golf club, from woods to wedges
  • The Golf Club Brushes each measures 4.5'' x 1.5'' x .5''
  • The Golf Club Brushes come with a plastic retractable zip line that easily clips to your golf bag and extends up to 20''

Golfing can be difficult enough, don't make it more difficult by using dirty clubs. With The IZZO Golf Dual Golf Club Brushes you will never have that problem again. The IZZO Golf Dual Golf Club Brushes come with two different club brushes, attached to a retractable zip line carabiner. One brush features nylon bristles perfect for safely and efficiently cleaning any golf club from woods to wedges. While the other brush has brass bristles designed to be sturdy enough to clean your golf spikes but gentle enough to effectively clean the grooves on your golf clubs. Both bruses attached to a zip line carabiner, which extends up to 20'', and a sturdy plastic handle designed to allow the user to apply the correct force while using minimal effort. Each golf club brush measures 4.5'' x 1.5'' x .5'' and securely clips to your golf bag. The IZZO Golf Dual Golf Club Brushes are the perfect golf bag accessory for golfers of any skill level.

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