Spice up your Golf Bag with the Swami Swing Cam: 3 Reasons You Won’t Want to Swing Without It

Spice up your Golf Bag with the Swami Swing Cam: 3 Reasons You Won’t Want to Swing Without It

The pros have it easy. They have coaches, mentors, caddies, even the media analyzing every stroke they take. Then they have fans who believe they’re an expert at the sport…more so than the golfers themselves. The point is --if the pros need to adjust their swing…they’re going to be advised to do so. You and me—we don’t have that luxury. We don’t have someone analyzing when and what we should change to amp up our results, but we do have something that can improve our game.

The Swami Swing Cam is just the thing to help you step up to the plate (oh wait, wrong sport…whoops!), and take off some of those unwanted strokes. How you ask? Check out the 3 reasons the Swami Swing Cam is turning beginners into experts with every swing you take.

#1: Set, Swing, Snap!

For starters, the Swami Swing Cam is just that: a camera! Slide the bag mount onto your golf bag, turn it on and get ready to critique! After all, we are our worst critics! Whether you’re on the course or in your backyard, this full HD 1080P camera can record up to an hour of video on its 2.0 LCD screen! No matter how fast your swing is already, this cam captures clear and precise video (So if your swing is off—well that’s on you!) With its massive storage, you can take as many swings as you want without ever getting a blurry playback!

#2: Record, Analyze, Improve!

Watch your swings in our slow motion feature or in real time! Check out your swing plane and alignment lines and figure out what it is you’re doing wrong, or how you can improve to get that killer swing you’re craving.

#3: Amp Up Your Game with the FREE App!

Analyze your game on the go by syncing up your recordings with the free app to review your swing! Download the app using your Android or Apple device! Plus, this product comes with an 8GB SD card, bag mount and carry case!

Forget the pricy lessons and grab your Swami Swing Cam today! Also, follow us on Facebook at Izzo Golf/Swami GPS, or follow us on Twitter at The Swamination, and let us know what you think of the Swami Swing Cam!

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