Helping End Childhood Poverty: One Red Nose at a Time

Helping End Childhood Poverty: One Red Nose at a Time

Imagine going to bed hungry every night, not being provided an education, or lacking basic medical care. A billion children are living under one or more of these conditions worldwide. In America, 21% of children are living in poverty. These numbers are staggering and can be deadly.

Thanks to Comic Relief, a non for profit organization, over 8.3 million young lives have been changed due to the positive success their Red Nose Day campaign has had over the past three years. Every red nose purchased at your local Walgreens or Duane Reade stores, goes directly to the Red Nose campaign. In the past three years, over 100 million dollars has been raised.
Once Izzo Golf heard word about this life changing campaign, it was an easy decision to take part in the growing cause. This year, our Izzo family sported their red noses throughout the work day. Not only was this a fun way to break up the typical work day and play around more than usual, it also raised awareness about a topic that isn’t always easy to talk about.

Now that Izzo is aware of the Red Nose Day campaign, we look forward to participating in it for years to come, and hope that eventually, childhood poverty will no longer be an issue. If there is a way to make even the smallest impact on young lives, the Izzo family will always be willing to help whenever we can.

Take a peek at some of our awesome pics of the Izzo team sporting their new looks on our Facebook page at Izzo Golf/Swami GPS or follow us on Instagram at izzo_golf. For more information on how you can support this cause and fight childhood hunger, head to

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